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Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for Dine-In & Takeaway only. Not applicable for delivery orders on Grab, foodpanda and ShopeeFood.
  • The Macam-Macam Ada Promotion will be valid from the 6th October to 5th November 2022.
  • Customers are entitled to redeem one “Free 4pcs Bali Bali Bone-In Wings” only with the purchase of one Macam-Macam Ada set. If a customer wishes to redeem 2X “Free 4pcs Bali Bali Bone-In Wings”, they need to purchase 2 sets.
  • Valid at all My Virtual Foodhall locations or hubs.
  • Sets might differ from outlet to outlet.
  • Changing of parts, condiments, sauces, or drinks etc. are not allowed. Items in the set will be served as-per the set in the Macam-Macam Ada Promotion menu.
  • For packages with Canning Heritage’s Roasted Chicken, chicken parts are subject to availability, and no changing of parts are allowed after ordering.
  • Items in the set package are fixed, no items shall be changed or switched. If so, prices of the item will be charged based on ala carte price.
  • The 50% discount is valid for one add-on item from the Macam-Macam Ada Add-Ons Selection. Any further add-on items will be priced as ala-carte.
  • Chicken part(s) featured in the menu is subject to availability. If advertised part(s) is not available or out-of-stock, the outlet management reserves the right to decline the sale of the item or the set or change the parts within the set to or with available parts.
  • Sets price will be subjected to 6% SST and 6% service charge. Prices shown on receipt will be inclusive of 6% SST and subjected to 6% service charge.
  • The management of My Virtual Foodhall reserves the right to amend any element, description or terms and condition of the promotion at its sole discretion.


What is My Virtual Foodhall (MVF)?

MVF is the foodhall where you can find 12 international and local brands in one place. You can eat anything (macam-macam). Dishes ranging from Asian cuisines to American cuisines. You have the opportunity to choose and combine dishes from up to 12 different restaurants for dine-in and 40 different restaurants for delivery via our delivery partners.

How long will the Macam-Macam Ada (MMA) Promotion be valid for?

Macam-Macam Ada Promotion will run from 6th October to 5th November, 2022.

Will I be able to claim the Macam-Macam Ada (MMA) Promotion if I don’t sign-up for ZING Rewards?

Yes, but you will get a 5% cashback for your next meal if you are a member or sign up as a new member today.

Can I claim more than 1 set of free wings?

For every 1 set purchased from the Macam-Macam Ada Promotion, you can claim 1 set of free wings. 2 sets free wings will be given if 2 sets are purchased from the Macam-Macam Ada (MMA) Promotion.

Can I order 2 items from the Macam-Macam Ada Add-Ons?

Yes, you can. However, the 50% only applies to 1 item per set of the Macam-Macam Ada Promotion.